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There are more and more people abusing the Internet on a computer, tablet, television, mobile phone. Terms as infoholism, cyberholism, cyber addiction, Internet addiction appear in numerous positions in scientific literature. The result and a symptom of such addiction is abusing multimedia as a constraint and lack of control, hence the addiction – a compulsive, uncontrolled use of the Internet. Without the Internet we feel tension, aggression, strong agitation, discomfort. Let’s not ignore this in us and among our relatives. Especially because addictions have another dark side – they like the company of other addictions, therefore co-occurrence of addictions to new technologies is a phenomenon that is more frequently observed.

The department is coordinated by Małgorzata Balcerkowska, specialist in clinical psychology, certified specialist in addiction psychotherapy, with completed psychotherapy training at the Polish Erickson Institute, in the process of obtaining a psychotherapeutic certificate of the Polish Psychiatric Association. A graduate of the Intra Psychological Workshop and Training School in Warsaw, certified psychologist of Rational Behaviour Therapy. Her main field of therapeutic work is behavioural addictions, including those related to new technologies.

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