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We offer, among others, the following training packages, always preceded by a diagnosis of training needs:
Instruments of human resources management
– HR 4.0. Package, building mental levels for Industry 4.0.
– Supporting organisational culture in the process of transformation 4.0.
– HR instruments in the process of launching automatic lines
– Empowerment in automation, employee 4.0. retraining process
– 4.0. without frustration for employees.

People conducting the trainings are experts from Poland – visionaries, experienced HR managers implementing new technologies in various areas of the company, and experts from abroad, including Germany, Japan, Korea, China, USA  – world leaders of Industry 4.0.
All the activities: trainings, mentoring, coaching, supervisions, HR activities are conducted in Polish and English, in direct contact or on-line form.

Our clients value our comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, thanks to which they acquire complete strategy adjusted to the needs and requirements of organisation 4.0., with taking into account the impact on human factor in the process of transformation, what guarantees success.
What distinguishes us is conducting HR processes connected with the process of implementing new technologies, while minimising the experienced frustration among employees in the process of change.

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