Diagnostics of the Future


In Pro-Lab, we have created the most modern psychotechnical laboratory in the world! It owes its beginning to the Team of experts for inventions at the Silesian University of Technology, with whom we have refreshed the „old”, well-known laboratory of psychotechnical tests and created everything afresh, with the use of new technologies – virtual reality, computer applications, Big data with cybersecurity.

We invite you to perform obligatory psychological tests for the professions requiring special psychophysical fitness. Both those who represent traditional industry and the industry of the future! The value of our psychological laboratory is its mobility! We invite both individual and institutional clients. We specialise in tailored diagnosis!

Our psychological laboratory brings psychological tests into another, modern dimensions in which it is not necessary to queue at the clinic, workplaces, in order to perform obligatory psychotechnical tests. Today you can do it from every place in the world over the Internet! It is not only saving, it is also a comfort, convenience and unprecedented measurement precision, accuracy and reliability of the diagnostics.

Our devices and instrumentation have been submitted for patent application, below is an exemplary diagnostic list of our achievements: 
P. 428370 „Device for conducting psychological tests in terms of professional suitability and qualifications for work”;
P. 428372 „Apparatus for the measurement of the psychophysical fitness of a human” 
P. 428373 „Apparatus for assessing the coordination of divisibility and shifting of attention in simulated difficult physical work conditions.” 
P. 428519 „Peripheral device supporting psychological tests”
P. 428520 „A device that monitors the subject’s behaviour during diagnosis.” 
P. 428022 „A device for improving the workplace safety”
P. 428020 „A device for conducting psychological tests and quantitative research”

The department is coordinated by Małgorzata Dobrowolska (Ph. D), prof. of the Silesian University of Technology, psychologist, certified psychotherapist, an author of 6 monographs, including 5 in English on broadly understood professional work, in particular work 4.0. and changes in organisations of Industry 4.0.; 10 book volumes under her own scientific editorship, 5 issues of science journals and 120 science articles in highly rated journals and scientific works. The director of 21 research and implementation projects, training and consulting projects, both national and international. Since 1998, the director of the Centre for Education and Psychological Help; since 2019, the director of International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research , the director of Industrial Occupational Health Research Laboratory, the director of postgraduate MBA studies. Her scientific interests are concentrated around the issues of socio-technological progress, Industry 4.0. and work 4.0. She works on applying the research results to human resources management practice and realises many research projects for the industry. An additional field of her scientific interests is interdisciplinary research conducted in regional, national and transnational dimension. In the past years she has completed over three months long scientific practices at the Technical University in Koszyce, Porto University in Portugal, Technical University in Argentina, connected with the research on human factor in Industry 4.0. in terms of industrially highly developed and underdeveloped countries, as well as shorter practices lasting up to one month at the European Academy in Germany.

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