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Games, games, games … how easy it is to submit to them and immerse in the pleasure of gaming, not knowing when the hours, days, months and years of gaming are passing, and how hard it is to control it later! This thin line causes that what was meant to be a relaxation, entertainment, pleasantly spent free time, dominates and enslaves our life. Instead of feeling happy, relaxed, we feel completely different. Today we know that it is impossible to fight the addiction alone – we need a specialist in order to deal with it. In Pro-Lab we have created such possibilities for you and your family! 

We also invite the youngest age groups.

The department is coordinated by dr hab. Bernadetta Izydorczyk (Ph. D), prof. of the Jagiellonian University Specialist in clinical psychology, psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor of the Scientific Psychotherapy Section and Family Therapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association Section. The director of the Institute of Applied Psychology and the director of the Department of Crisis Intervention and Psychotherapy of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. National Advisor in the field of Clinical Psychology. Chairwoman of the CEM State Examination Committee in terms of specialisation in the field of clinical psychology, chairwoman of the Experts Committee for recognition of Qualifications in Postgraduate Education at the Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education in Warsaw. Member of the Team of the Minister of Health for mental health of children and youth. An author of more than 140 works on clinical psychology and psychotherapy. She combines scientific and research work with clinical and psychotherapeutic practice. Her research interests concentrate around clinical psychology, diagnosis and therapy of disorders.

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