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Lider 4.0

Specialistic trainings of advanced managerial competences is a specialistic and authorial programme of advanced competences for the future Leaders, called Leaders 4.0., leaders of new qualities. The package includes, among others, trainings in the form of coaching:
managing human factor in Industry 4.0.
– motivating employees to use new technologies 4.0.
managing organic and non-organic teams
conducting business meetings and meetings with the staff sabotaging implementation of new technologies
creating image of the Industry 4.0. Leader 
– performing the process of human factor reduction in Industry 4.0.

and specialistic trainings conducted by the team of experts in new technologies – called Industry 4.0., engineers practitioners, representatives of technical universities, related to the implementation of:
– additive technologies
– cybersecurity
– autonomous robots
– virtual and augmented reality
– processing of large data sets, cloud computing
– simulation and visualisation of processes
– integration of systems
– industrial Internet of Things
– horizontal and vertical software integration

as well as trainings with experts in economic sciences related to:
– business models for implemented technological solutions
– strategies of implementing Industry 4.0.
– calculating profitability of investments and obtaining sources of financing new technologies from external funds

The training process is combined with the development of model solutions dedicated to specific organisations. Trainings are conducted in Poland and abroad, in Polish and English.
Our advisers perform all works both in off- and on-line form.
In the work with the leaders of various grades, we focus especially on what constitutes the success in managing organisation 4.0. and organic and non-organic team, that is on the future competences that consists mostly of soft competences.

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