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The age of modern technologies – this is how we speak of our times… Modern computer and information technology has dominated the world. This metaphor of dominating a human is the essence of negative achievement of the modern technology. The computer is useful and present in each of the three activities of a human – in education, at work, and in the free time. Therefore, there is a thin line between neutral or instrumental use of this tool and a constraint which is the core of computer addiction.  The computer is a very popular media among adults, children and youth. Is it even possible to live without the computer? Computer world is exceptional, interesting, colourful, full of attractive incentives, expression, opportunity to dominate the reality, it becomes something close, moreover – an infallible authority which does not require, frustrate and stress out. Unfortunately, the influence of new technologies on a human, especially those connected with abusing a computer, the Internet, a mobile phone or games console, is tragic. It is impossible to deal with addiction alone, a specialist therapist assistance is necessary. The faster you react and start the therapy, the bigger the chance for an efficient treatment process and fighting the addiction!

The department is coordinated by dr Justyna Trepka – Starosta, doctor of humanistic studies in the field of psychology, with 30 years of experience in the field of clinical and forensic psychology, expert forensic psychologist, speech therapist. She works as a practitioner in the field of clinical and forensic psychology, specialising in the subject of mental and behavioural disorders related to, among others the current crisis situation. A special area of her work is helping children and young people and their families at risk of social exclusion. For years, she has been involved in helping adoptive families. She cooperates with psychological help institutions such as: The Centre for Treatment of Neurosis and Eating Disorders in Gliwice, the Ventura Diagnosis and Therapy Centre in Chorzów. Implementer of EU-funded psychology assistance programmes. An author and co-author of numerous publications, including standards of psychological and judicial opinion in adoption cases. Member of Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Psychological Association. Lecturer in psychology at: University of Silesia, Katowice Business University, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

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