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Supply chain 4.0

Supply chain is a network of people, processes, resources and technologies in organisation, that work together on manufacturing products and services for the final use or the client. Supply chains have been existing since the people started to trade goods and services. They evolved from the simple market dealings to the complex networks of today’s global supply chains.

Modern supply chains in Industry 4.0. are mutually connected, complex and global. The entities work together to source, process and deliver products to the clients. Supply chain in Industry 4.0. can not only help the enterprises in fast and effective response to the market, technological and economic disruptions, but also in obtaining competitive advantage. The goal of the innovative supply chain is to minimise negative influence of those disruptions on the incomes, costs and clients.

We help in creating and managing highly productive, resilient supply chains in Industry 4.0., which fuels permanent, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic changes in areas such as:

  • Demand planning
  • Supply and order management
  • Supplies management
  • Warehouse operations
  • Production and service activities
  • Transport operations
  • Customer service operations

We create solutions both on a local and global scale, using multinational, global networks of companies cooperating with each other in order to create products and provide services in innovative economy, working on the basis of the Industry 4.0. solutions.

The department is coordinated by Mateusz Panek. The director of logistics in Singulart gallery, world leader in the on-line sale of contemporary art. An expert in logistics projects, cost optimisation, implementation of S&OP standards and building international organisations. He uses his motto “think outside the box” in mapping and creating processes and combines logistics projects with the development of human resources competences. He began his career in METRO Group where under the eye of the best managers of the Makro Cash&Carry and Real chains he gained his first key experiences in the field of trade, customer service, broadly understood management of the delivery chain, with particular emphasis on sales planning and operations. He developed his knowledge and skills in the PWN Group and thanks to working for the dynamically developing area of e-commerce – he gained his first experiences in the field of creating e-commerce modern logistics and recognising trends related to it.

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