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Digital revolution changes the industry. It is a type of transformation that brings great concentrated possibilities.  Industry 4.0. is not only new technologies, but also new way of managing – what to apply and which solutions to implement for specific context and industry. In the world of Industry 4.0., it is crucial that every enterprise becomes (and remains) modern.  The use of the latest equipment or software is not necessarily decisive.  What really makes a difference is a flexible and adaptive approach in thinking about business, which quickly responds to the emerging market disruptions. 
As a part of consulting, we help enterprises in fast development, improving the financial condition and transformation of operating systems.

The scope of consulting:
analysis and evaluation of technological readiness of operating systems
We help to understand technological point of view. Our business models analyse what exposes the company to disruptions and what improves the company’s condition. We professionally price the use of new technologies.

digitalisation of business processes and operational activities We help to achieve the state of adaptation to disruptive changes, in digitalisation and integration of business systems. We help in evaluation of resources and potential, we design architecture and solutions assuring fast adaptation.

– innovation and strategies of the market disruptions
We help enterprises to manage their business in an innovative way, as well as indicate ways and responses of the strategy to the market disruptions, creating new vision of managing the enterprise on the basis of Industry 4.0. 

We cooperate with the best engineers in the world who implement Industry 4.0. solutions in leading companies of the global market. Our team consists of the best experts in Industry 4.0. from all continents. Our value is the comprehensiveness of services and experience in implementing each of the Industry 4.0. technologies.

The department is coordinated by dr David E. Kalisz (Ph. D.), Associate Professor and the director of the Department of Management and Strategy in Paris School of Business (Paris, France). An author of numerous publications in the field of new media, competition strategies and innovation of values. Author of the book „Competition strategies. Television market in Poland”, member of the Centre for Future Research. He is specialised in the field of innovation, strategies and management in new economy. Scientifically he is inspired by the influence of the latest technologies on the functioning of enterprises, which he presents in his latest series of lectures  – Industry 4.0. and the Internet of Things. His scientific explorations are concentrated on strategic foresight and future studies. 

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