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Future soft skills 4.0

Our biggest training package is the competence 4.0. trainings realised together with the EMT Systems Sp. z o.o. The authorial programme has been created with cooperation of employees performing works 4.0., HR managers and leaders of the Industry 4.0. from the enterprises belonging to the world’s forefront of the automation processes.  Among the most frequently chosen are:

 Future soft skills 4.0.
– Adaptation path for the works 4.0.– Workshop on self-development and matching to work 4.0.
– Future competences
– Careers 4.0. – Team building for the organic and non-organic teams, meaning how to work and earn when technology 4.0. works instead of us?

The training process is combined with individual coaching work. Trainings are conducted in Poland and abroad, in Polish and English.
Our advisers perform all works both in off- and on-line form.

We adjust development works for the client each time.
We invite both people who would like to change the profession, orient career and acquire future competences, as well as institutional clients interested in the process of retraining employees for the works 4.0.

We also help those who do not have a job or want to change it for the financial or development reasons in the entire process of profiled employer search. Our customers especially value this service, thanks to which they take up a well-paid jobs that give satisfaction.

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