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Future Lider

Within this area we create diagnostic tools for analysing the potential of Industry 4.0 leaders – diagnosing managerial competences with indications for self-improvement – Future Lider package 

The package can be used in the professional selection of the staff, selection of reserve leadership staff and leadership talents.
Each of the diagnostic tools has a full validation, high reliability, accuracy, discriminant power of test items. All the diagnostic tools were created in accordance with the methodology of scientific research. They are standardised in 18 countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Israel, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Russia.
Diagnostic tools are in the above languages with full cultural adaptation.
All of our tools use new technologies, including virtual reality.

Areas of the analysis include:
1. sense of the 4.0 mission and awareness of goals,
2. psychosocial skills
3. readiness for cooperation and effort
4. creativity and non-standard approach
5. personal flexibility,
6. interdisciplinarity,
7. charismatic and natural leadership,
8. mental resistance,
9. integrated personality,
10. technological readiness,
11. tests of knowledge about Industry 4.0.
and many other areas developed by diagnostic psychologists, human resources management specialists.
Each of the areas can be analysed separately, or the areas can be merged. We prepare profiled diagnostic packages for the client’s needs.

The value of our diagnostics is a professional personal development service, indication of the development directions, coaching work on self-development tips and talents, realised by experienced psychologist therapists, motivators, coaches.

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