Diagnostics of the Future


We have launched 3 main diagnostic packages:

1. Diagnostic tools for the leaders of Industry 4.0. and for diagnosing managerial competences with indications for self-improvement – Future Lider package. The package can also be used for the professional selection of staff and selection of reserve staff of Leaders 4.0. 

2. Diagnostic tools for the employees 4.0. for fitting into professions, including future professions of the Industry 4.0. which study psychosocial, psychophysiological, sensomotoric potential – Future Competence for Future Work package. The package can be used for the professional selection of staff and for retraining for professions 4.0.

3. Diagnostic tools from the field of human resources management examining employee opinion, mental levels of the employees while implementing technology 4.0., and analysing organisational and professional problems of the employees and organisation   , which we also call 4.0. without frustration for employees.

We are led by the idea of Human Factor & WorkDiagnostics of the Future:  for Future Work for Future Competence for Future Welfare. We create modern diagnostic tools with the use of the latest technology, including virtual reality.

Department is coordinated by Maria Maśka, currently on the HR Generalist position, she supports two business entities in the Rockwell Automation company and is responsible for implementation of personal politics. Passionate about managing HR, she combines theoretical knowledge from the field of economics and psychology with practice gained in the business environment. She is experienced in conducting projects from the range of soft HR, both in small organisations and global enterprises. She is specialised in the work with international, cross-cultural teams creating the latest technologies in Industry 4.0. ideology, where unconventional solutions and individual approach are needed. She is particularly interested in the subject of cultural change related to advancing automation of work. Her mission is to discover human potential and connect it with possibilities of the latest technologies. Focused on developing both teams and individual careers, she is gradually trying to strengthen the HR image as an important business partner in strategic development. She believes that it is the strong culture that is the foundation of well-functioning organisations.

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