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In Pro-Lab each of the following departments has its own coordinator and independent Team.

VR Diagnostics
VR Trainings
VR R+D Projects
VR Mobile Laboratory
VR Consulting
VR Psychotherapy
VR Cafe

Our teams are international, use good practices and best achievements from abroad. They are characterised by interdisciplinarity. They consist of statisticians, methodologists, engineers, specialists in social and technical sciences – constructors, IT specialists, programmers.
However, the core of the team are: work and organisation psychologists and human resources management specialists.

We are led by the rule that only interdisciplinary solutions solve the problems systemically, while achieving the highest level of perfection.

We have incorporated specialists from the best science centres and practice –  recognised and established experts in their industries.
Thanks to them we are creating:
1. Diagnostic tools examining potential of employees and leaders 4.0.
2. HR 4.0. tools and instruments
3. Specialised trainings of future competences
4. Advanced R+D projects dedicated to human factor and technology 4.0.
5. Technological implementations 4.0.
5. Psychotherapy programmes for treatment of addiction to new technologies
6. Intelligent spaces and places for work 4.0., education 4.0. and free time 4.0.

VR Mobile Laboratory department is coordinated by dr hab. Małgorzata Dobrowolska (Ph. D), prof. of the Silesian University of Technology, psychologist, certified psychotherapist, an author of 6 monographs, including 5 in English on broadly understood professional work, in particular work 4.0. and changes in organisations of Industry 4.0.; 10 book volumes under her own scientific editorship, 5 issues of science journals and 120 science articles in highly rated journals and scientific works. The director of 21 research and implementation projects, training and consulting projects, both national and international. Since 1998, the director of the Centre for Education and Psychological Help; since 2019, the director of International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research , the director of Industrial Occupational Health Research Laboratory, the director of postgraduate MBA studies. Her scientific interests are concentrated around the issues of socio-technological progress, Industry 4.0. and work 4.0. She works on applying the research results to human resources management practice and realises many research projects for the industry. An additional field of her scientific interests is interdisciplinary research conducted in regional, national and transnational dimension. In the past years she has completed over three months long scientific practices at the Technical University in Koszyce, Porto University in Portugal, Technical University in Argentina, connected with the research on human factor in Industry 4.0. in terms of industrially highly developed and underdeveloped countries, as well as shorter practices lasting up to one month at the European Academy in Germany. 

VR Trainings department is coordinated by dr Magdalena Ślazyk-Sobol (Ph. D), assistant professor at the Department of Psychology Management of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wrocław, psychologist, HR adviser, coach. The director of postgraduate study: „Management Psychology” and the director of HR Laboratory, operating at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wrocław, certified coach of „Moderator” School of Business Coaches. Member of the Polish Association of Organisation Psychology and the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology. She has studied psychology issues at the University in Heidelberg. An author of many scientific and popular science publications. She is specialised in the field of developing psychosocial and managerial skills, creating and developing recruitment tools, particularly in the field of Assessment/Development Centre method. As an experienced adviser she has realised many projects in the automotive, manufacturing, financial and IT companies, including: Santander Consumer Bank, Volvo Polska Sp. z o.o., Lukas Bank S.A. (currently Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.), Getin Bank S.A., VULCAN S.A., EMPIRICA S.A., Gigaset Communications Polska Sp. z o.o., Kruk S.A., POCH S.A., AIDA POLAND, EL WAGO Poland, EY Polska, MCC POLAND, QIAGEN Polska, ELECTROLUX POLAND, DOBRE KADRY,STILEO POLAND, as well as in the public sector.

VR Diagnostics is coordinated by Maria Maśka, currently on the HR Generalist position, she supports two business entities in the Rockwell Automation company and is responsible for implementation of personal politics. Passionate about managing HR, she combines theoretical knowledge from the field of economics and psychology with practice gained in the business environment. She is experienced in conducting projects from the range of soft HR, both in small organisations and global enterprises. She is specialised in the work with international, cross-cultural teams creating the latest technologies in Industry 4.0. ideology, where unconventional solutions and individual approach are needed. She is particularly interested in the subject of cultural change related to advancing automation of work. Her mission is to discover human potential and connect it with possibilities of the latest technologies. Focused on developing both teams and individual careers, she is gradually trying to strengthen the HR image as an important business partner in strategic development. She believes that it is the strong culture that is the foundation of well-functioning organisations.

VR Psychotherapy department is coordinated by dr hab. Bernadetta Izydorczyk (Ph. D), prof. of the Jagiellonian University Specialist in clinical psychology, psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor of the Scientific Psychotherapy Section and Family Therapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association Section. The director of the Institute of Applied Psychology and the director of the Department of Crisis Intervention and Psychotherapy of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. National Advisor in the field of Clinical Psychology. Chairwoman of the CEM State Examination Committee in terms of specialisation in the field of clinical psychology, chairwoman of the Experts Committee for recognition of Qualifications in Postgraduate Education at the Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education in Warsaw. Member of the Team of the Minister of Health for mental health of children and youth. An author of more than 140 works on clinical psychology and psychotherapy. She combines scientific and research work with clinical and psychotherapeutic practice. Her research interests concentrate around clinical psychology, diagnosis and therapy of disorders.

VR Consulting department is coordinated by dr hab. inż. Prof. Jarosław Brodny (Ph. D eng), prof.  of the Silesian University of Technology, employee of the Institute of Production Engineering (currently the Department of Production Engineering) at the Faculty of Organisation and Management of the Silesian University of Technology. In the years 2016-2019, associate dean for Organisation and Development at this faculty, in the years 2017-2019, the director of the Institute of Production Engineering, since October 1, 2019 the director of the Department of Production Engineering and deputy director of the College of Studies of the Silesian University of Technology. He promotes and implements the Industry 4.0. idea. This concerns both academic environment and enterprises. Since 2018, he is the vice president of the Silesian Centre of Industry 4.0. Competences. It is the common initiative of the biggest in Europe Katowice Special Economic Zone and the Silesian University of Technology. He was also the coordinator of one of the Priority Research Areas of the Silesian University of Technology regarding Automation and Industry 4.0. in the contest for Research University, which is currently the Silesian University of Technology. He has very extensive and valuable scientific, organisational and didactic achievements. His latest scientific interests are concentrated around issues related to Industry 4.0., Smart City, Circular Economy and Sustainable Economy, and include broadly understood digitisation of the economy and research of cyber-physical systems. He also works with the socio-economic environment and foreign scientific centres.

VR Cafe department is coordinated by dr inż. arch. Agnieszka Labus (Ph. D. arch.), doctor of technical sciences in architecture and urban planning. Scientific adjunct at the Department of Urban Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. President of the Management Board of the Laboratory of Architecture 60+ Foundation (LAB 60+), first organisation in Poland which works on innovative approach to designing for the needs of ageing society. As first in Poland she undertook the scientific discourse concerning the concept of renovation of European cities in XXI century as people-friendly places. She coordinated and co-implemented many projects, including developing the programme of implementation and settlement of first in Poland Multigenerational House in Łódź, on behalf of the City Hall in Łódź, or developing socio-spatial issues of the masterplan for the Warsaw Social District in cooperation with BBGK Architects. A graduate of the largest government programme to support innovation in science TOP 500 Innovators. She has completed numerous foreign scientific and training practices at the world’s best universities: University of California, Berkeley, USA, University of Westminster in Great Britain, University in Edinburgh and University in Madrid, Spain. She participates in conferences and seminars, conducts lectures and workshops for the beneficiaries of local and regional centres in: Poland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Serbia, Estonia and Australia. She is a valued and awarded expert. For her achievements she was awarded by many assembles, including: laureate of the Polityka Science Award (2014). laureate of the „Start” programme of the Foundation for Polish Science (2015), laureate of the stipend for prominent young scientists (2013-2016), laureate of the „O” 2018 Award granted by the Polish Culture Portal

VR R+D Projects department is coordinated by dr Anita Pollak (Ph. D.), she is an adjunct at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Silesia, has I specialisation in clinical psychology, is a behavioural therapist specialising in the analysis of behaviour, in particular interaction between human and robot, coping with stress, consequences of possession, being subjected to power and impact tactics used by managers. She conducts classes in the field of effective leadership, management and creation of teams, as well as lectures on conflicts for the postgraduate studies auditors. As a practitioner, in her own enterprise (, she works on developing and implementing changes in organisation. She is an author and co-author of many publications and reports in national and foreign journals. In the conducted research, she analyses data from traditional psychological tests and questionnaires with data from the measurements of sensors and devices for monitoring psychophysiological status.

In our team there are also:

Dr David E. Kalisz (Ph. D.), Associate Professor and the director of the Department of Management and Strategy in Paris School of Business (Paris, France). An author of numerous publications in the field of new media, competition strategies and innovation of values. Author of the book „Competition strategies. Television market in Poland”, member of the Centre for Future Research. He is specialised in the field of innovation, strategies and management in new economy. Scientifically he is inspired by the influence of the latest technologies on the functioning of enterprises, which he presents in his latest series of lectures  – Industry 4.0. and the Internet of Things. His scientific explorations are concentrated on strategic foresight and future studies. 

Mateusz Panek, the director of logistics in Singulart gallery, world leader in the on-line sale of contemporary art. An expert in logistics projects, cost optimisation, implementation of S&OP standards and building international organisations. He uses his motto “think outside the box” in mapping and creating processes and combines logistics projects with the development of human resources competences. He began his career in METRO Group where under the eye of the best managers of the Makro Cash&Carry and Real chains he gained his first key experiences in the field of trade, customer service, broadly understood management of the delivery chain, with particular emphasis on sales planning and operations. He developed his knowledge and skills in the PWN Group and thanks to working for the dynamically developing area of e-commerce – he gained his first experiences in the field of creating e-commerce modern logistics and recognising trends related to it.

Iwona Flanczewska-Rogalska, TV journalist with 20 years long practice in TVP, in which she has been conducting one of the biggest teams realising information programme in regional centres. Participant of international journalistic practices in Holland and Sweden. For two years, head of the Promotion Office of the Silesian University of Technology and deputy director of the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research. As an academic lecturer she is now associated with the University of Silesia, in the past – with School of Business, Katowice Business University and Silesian University of Technology. Coach in the field of public speaking and cooperation with media. A master of ceremonies and moderator of many congresses, conferences, galas and business events. Since 2016, an executive editor of Internet television of the Silesian University of Technology and member of the Programme Council of the nationwide scientific internet television Pionier TV and Programme Council of the Centre for Popularization of Science at the Silesian University of Technology.

Adam Wawoczny, M. Sc, pedagogue, animator and manager of culture, psychotherapist (in the process of continuous further education), communal adviser in the field of addiction treatment and addiction therapy organiser (since 1996), founder and manager of day support centres for children and youth (since 2002), owner of the Psychotherapy Office, member of the Polish Psychiatric Association, member of the Scientific Section of Psychotherapy of Polish Psychiatric Association, member of the Polish Institute of Psychodrama, member of the Silesian Association of Psychotherapists, director of the Union of Communes and Districts of the Western Subregion of the Silesian Province (since 2009),  coordinator of the Regional Territorial Investments as a part of RPO, WSL 2014-2020, expert of strategic evaluation of projects, president of the Management Board of the Silesian Tourist Organization (since 2019), member of the Silesian Forum of Experts (consultative body of the Silesian Province Management Board), member of the RPO WSL 2014-2020 Monitoring Committee (since 2014), member of the Provincial Road Safety Council (since 2019), chairman of the Silesian Province Subregions Forum (since 2020), president of the Management Board of the Sumina Association for the Renewal and Development of Upper Silesia (since 2005), author, co-author and coordinator of numerous projects: strategic, investment (including RSE), tourist, from the field of supporting social initiatives, levelling opportunities and overcoming education and training barriers, brand and product strategies, supporting innovation, as well as analyses and implementing recommendations. Originator, producer and coordinator of many charity actions in Silesia. On behalf of the organisations he manages, he received the Gold Badge three times for his services to the Silesia Province.

Małgorzata Balcerkowska, specialist in clinical psychology, certified specialist in addiction psychotherapy, with completed psychotherapy training at the Polish Erickson Institute, in the process of obtaining a psychotherapeutic certificate of the Polish Psychiatric Association. A graduate of the Intra Psychological Workshop and Training School in Warsaw, certified psychologist of Rational Behaviour Therapy. Her main field of therapeutic work is behavioural addictions, including those related to new technologies.

Dr Justyna Trepka – Starosta (Ph. D.), doctor of humanistic studies in the field of psychology, with 30 years of experience in the field of clinical and forensic psychology, expert forensic psychologist, speech therapist. She works as a practitioner in the field of clinical and forensic psychology, specialising in the subject of mental and behavioural disorders related to, among others the current crisis situation. A special area of her work is helping children and young people and their families at risk of social exclusion. For years, she has been involved in helping adoptive families. She cooperates with psychological help institutions such as: the Centre for Treatment of Neurosis and Eating Disorders in Gliwice, the Ventura Diagnosis and Therapy Centre in Chorzów. Implementer of EU-funded psychology assistance programmes. An author and co-author of numerous publications, including standards of psychological and judicial opinion in adoption cases. Member of Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Psychological Association. Lecturer in psychology at: University of Silesia, Katowice Business University, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Iwona Kitala, certified addiction therapy specialist (National Bureau for Drug Prevention). Academic lecturer at Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa and University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź.
 She has been working for several years at the Day and Stationary Ward as a therapist specialising in addictions, has the right to work as: First Emotional Intervention assistant, crisis management trainer, coach, vocational adviser. She has an ADR Academy certificate (no ENMA-SMUG 0002/2006-2011) confirming competences to work as Mediator (criminal, juvenile, family and civil matters), is the director of the Trainers Team of the National Mediation Centre, supervisor and vice-president of Polish Mediation Institute. Her main speciality is behavioural addiction.

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