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Perfect HR 4.0

Diagnostic tools in the field of human resources management, examining employee opinion, in particular authorial model of mental levels for Industry 4.0., as well as thematically analysing organisational and professional problems of employees at the client’s request – the perfect HR 4.0 package.

Each of the diagnostic tools has a full validation, high reliability, accuracy, discriminant power of test items. All the diagnostic tools were created in accordance to the methodology of scientific research. They are standardised in 18 countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Israel, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Russia.
Diagnostic tools are in the above languages with full cultural adaptation.
All of our tools use new technologies, including virtual reality.

Areas of the analysis include:
1. motivation to use 4.0. solutions,
2. evaluation of the 4.0. organisation’s atmosphere,
3. satisfaction from the 4.0. work,
4. mental levels for implementing 4.0. solutions,
5. experiencing stress and dangers in 4.0. organisations,
6. sense of dignity in 4.0. work,
7. professional burnout,
8. evaluation of the occupational safety and health
and many other areas developed by diagnostic psychologists, human resources management specialists.
Each of the areas can be analysed separately, or the areas can be merged. We prepare profiled diagnostic packages for the client’s needs.

The value of our diagnostics is a professional service of model solutions for organisation, indicating the directions of creating HR tools, strategies of implementing new technologies. Our team is interdisciplinary and international and consists of engineers, specialists in new technologies of technical sciences, work and organisation psychologists, HR managers, economists.

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