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We invite you to perform all obligatory psychological tests:
– employees on the positions requiring special psychomotor abilities, machine operators, people working at heights, employees in mining and heavy industry, employees working in difficult conditions and conditions dangerous for life and health,
– drivers using the vehicles for professional purposes, professional drivers of all categories, train drivers, driving instructors and examiners
– drivers who exceed the number of penalty points, driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, perpetrators and participants of the accident

Psychological tests are performed with the use of modern technologies. What distinguishes us is a friendly atmosphere and efficiency in conducting the tests. Each test ends with a discussion on obtained results and issuing of an appropriate certificate or opinion in accordance with current legal regulations.
Psychological tests are conducted for individual and institutional clients. Our asset is the mobility of the psychological laboratory and the equipment we possess, that is why we perform psychological tests on-site at the workplace. We also invite foreigners for psychological tests. Our staff holds all the required licenses. Psychological tests are performed in several languages (including Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish), every day of the week.

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