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The negative consequences of using technology include various addictions not only to the media itself, but also to the content. Using a certain metaphor, let’s imagine that we forget our mobile phone, going somewhere far from home for a few days. What do we feel? It is obvious: nervousness, irritation, worry, we feel strange and uncomfortable. 

Addiction intensifies these emotions! It makes the life revolve around one thing, while nothing else matters.  It is a disease of lack of control, a constraint that ruins everyday life for an addict and the relatives. At Pro-Lab we have created a specialised programme of prevention and treatment of addictions related to the media of new technologies. The team of experts effectively helps to overcome this unwanted challenge of technological progress.

Mobile devices include tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, portable game consoles. Therefore, there are many temptations for us.

The team of psychotherapists consists of people with many years of therapeutic experience, people with completed specialised, professional courses, both in Poland and abroad. People with academic degrees and/or academic titles – established experts working with adults, children and youth.

The department is coordinated by Adam Wawoczny, M. Sc, pedagogue, animator and manager of culture, psychotherapist (in the process of continuous further education), communal adviser in the field of addiction treatment and addiction therapy organiser (since 1996), founder and manager of day support centres for children and youth (since 2002), owner of the Psychotherapy Office, member of the Polish Psychiatric Association, member of the Scientific Section of Psychotherapy of Polish Psychiatric Association, member of the Polish Institute of Psychodrama, member of the Silesian Association of Psychotherapists, director of the Union of Communes and Districts of the Western Subregion of the Silesian Province (since 2009),  coordinator of the Regional Territorial Investments as a part of RPO, WSL 2014-2020, expert of strategic evaluation of projects, president of the Management Board of the Silesian Tourist Organization (since 2019), member of the Silesian Forum of Experts (consultative body of the Silesian Province Management Board), member of the RPO WSL 2014-2020 Monitoring Committee (since 2014), member of the Provincial Road Safety Council (since 2019), chairman of the Silesian Province Subregions Forum (since 2020), president of the Management Board of the Sumina Association for the Renewal and Development of Upper Silesia (since 2005), author, co-author and coordinator of numerous projects: strategic, investment (including RSE), tourist, from the field of supporting social initiatives, levelling opportunities and overcoming education and training barriers, brand and product strategies, supporting innovation, as well as analyses and implementing recommendations. Originator, producer and coordinator of many charity actions in Silesia. On behalf of the organisations he manages, he received the Gold Badge three times for his services to the Silesia Province.

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