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  1. Currently realised project “Future Competence” P-L.02345/2020 01.08.2020-31.12.2020 aims to develop the diagnostic tool with the use of virtual reality, dedicated to HR specialists. The tool is used for the measurement of employees mental levels in the process of automation of the production line. Within the project, we develop the model of awareness change among employees who undergo changes from the manual, traditional production and what comes with it – operation of machinery and equipment, to the work 4.0. as a part of automation of the production lines that uses cooperation of a human and cooperating robot, colloquially called the robot.
  2. “FutCAS 4.0.” project is dedicated to everyone who wants to change, complete or acquire qualifications necessary in the modern market, in so called technologies 4.0. The example of such profession is a 3D printer. We develop employees retraining model along with the method of creating career paths in the future professions.
  3. “Mobile psychotechnical” P-L.023466/2020 01.2020-31.12.2020 project aims to “refresh” psychological laboratories, in which old, manual methods of human diagnosis are used. Combi devices and constructions for the diagnosis and development of psychosocial, psychophysiological and sensomotoric potential of a human are created as a part of the project. The devices are protected by patent and utility applications.
  4. “Business models 4.0.” P-L.034274/2020 01.2020-08.2020 project is a service series for micro, small and medium enterprises, in which national and foreign experts price the implementation of technology 4.0. in enterprises of all industries, and the engineers conduct simulations of implementation of a given Industry 4.0. technology.

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